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The fundamental elements for Hangzhou AOBO Communication to keep a foothold and develop are the technology, quality and service.

AOBO Telecom will adopt the service philosophy of “user first”, stick to the honest, careful and responsible attitude, provide the “pre-sales, sales and after-sales” service and resolve all problems put forward by the users.


Pre-sales service

Technical support

Provide the AOBO product data manual;

Provide the AOBO application design drawing and configuration program;

Provide the technical training on the principles of optical fiber communication system and AOBO digital optical terminal Commercial support

Provide the technical training on the principles of optical fiber communication system and AOBO industrial Ethernet switch.


Sales Service

Technical support

Coordinate with the AOBO product application test;

When necessary, provide the prototype of the AOBO product for the 1-month trial;

Provide the AOBO products that are configured or changed according to the system design requirements.

Commercial support

Provide the commercial visitation and investigation of the AOBO products;

Provide the visitation and investigation of the projects using the AOBO products.


After-sales service

Field technical support

Provide the field personnel with technical training;

Provide the installation guidance and commissioning of the AOBO products.

If the equipment can not be used normally during the operation because of its own problems, the Company will make reply within 1 hour after the receipt of the report and ask the engineering maintenance personnel to deal with it preliminarily. If the problems can still not be determined and personnel should be dispatched by the Company for the field service, we undertake to dispatch the personnel within 24 hours.


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