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Service Quality Guarantee Policy

I, Warranty service commitment: according to the contractual requirements, provide the warranty service. During the warranty period, offer the free equipment maintenance. Beyond the warranty period

If the maintenance is provided beyond the warranty period, the maintenance costs will be collected.

II, Software upgrade service: Hangzhou AOBO Telecom Co., Ltd. will provide the users with the version upgrade service of the system software for free.

III, Billable maintenance policy: if the billable maintenance is offered for the product, the customers will enjoy 3-month free maintenance period after the date of the repair. Please

Please keep the maintenance certificate properly.

IV, Under the following circumstances, the free maintenance is unavailable:

  a. The warranty period of the product is already expired

  b. Without the consent of the Company, the product is repaired or dismantled arbitrarily.

  c. The information on the product label is altered or the label is torn, making it impossible to read the information clearly

  d. The product is damaged, because it is not installed or used according to the operation instruction

  e. The product is damaged by the artificial factors, such as the water inflow, dropping and breaking, improper high pressure and temperature.

  f. Without the consent of the Company, the customer changes the configuration file of the product arbitrarily or there exist any other factors, giving rise to the product breakdown


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