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产品名称: IManagerAOBO 126 data optical transceiver management software
上市日期: 2016-01-18

It is mainly used for the long-distance equipment parameters setting, monitoring of the equipment operating status and log alarm functions in the AOBO 126B/126D series of managed industrial self-healing loop data optical transceiver. It makes it easy for the users to implement the remote equipment management and maintenance.


Product introduction:


  The management software of the AOBO iManager self-healing loop data optical transceiver is used to realize the network management functions for the AOBO 126B/126D series of managed self-healing loop optical transceiver, including the equipment status, user management, serial port configuration, system log and alarm. The users may, at any station of the network, access the network for the management and maintenance of the whole network equipment, therefore making the debugging and management easier.


Function introduction:


√ Maintenance of user information: increase, revise or delete the user information



√ Maintenance of serial port configuration: increase, revise or delete the serial port information


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