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Transportation industry application

Date: 2008-07-17
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1, an overview of the
Transportation industry a large number of application monitoring and automation system, subway CCTV, electromechanical integrated monitoring, railway integrated monitoring, highway traffic monitoring bridge, tunnel monitoring, monitoring, urban intelligent traffic, traffic signal system and traffic ticket and other fields, industrial Ethernet has been widely used.Arbor communications is committed to research, the industrial Ethernet technology in the production of highly reliable industrial Ethernet switches, meet the traffic demand of communication industry monitoring and automation system.

2, arbor communications solution characteristics
(1) series of AOBO industrial Ethernet switches provide reliable optical transmission interface, meet the needs of long-distance communication transportation industry;
(2) ABRing ® self-healing ring network technology, rapid self-healing protection, providing the guarantee of high reliable communication;
(3) rich communication management function, at the same time, meet the demand of a variety of business communication;
(4) the fight against strong electromagnetic interference and the surge, in - 40 ℃ ~ 85 ℃ environment temperature in no fan of stable operation, suitable for harsh environment application traffic industry;
(5) the double power supply redundancy design, support a wide range of power input, to ensure that the power supply security

3, arbor communication AOBO series solution is applied to the industrial Ethernet switches
(1) the highway tunnel monitoring system
(2) the bridge comprehensive monitoring system
(3) the subway communication system/video monitoring system of electromechanical integrated monitoring and control system
(4) the new automatic fare collection (afc) system
(5) railway comprehensive monitoring system
(6) intelligent transportation monitoring system



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