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Application of the electric power industry

Date: 2008-11-16
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1, an overview of the
Automation and industrial communication application in electric power industry is becoming more and more widely, in the water and electricity, thermal power, wind power, nuclear power and thermal power industry, power generation, transmission and distribution process, need a full range of data collection and data monitoring, data traffic.The power industry for the real time and reliability of the automation and control communication requirements are very high.Electric power industry equipment working environment is very bad, sometimes need to put in the ark, outdoor electromagnetic interference is very serious.Real-time, reliable, and resistance to bad environment of industrial Ethernet power industry networking and control communications become the preferred solution.

2, arbor communications solution characteristics
(1) series of AOBO industrial Ethernet switches support non-blocking switching, provide the most stable line speed transmission performance, satisfies the requirement of high flow, real-time;
(2) the fight against strong electromagnetic interference and the surge, in - 40 ℃ ~ 85 ℃ environment temperature in no fan of stable operation, suitable for harsh environment application in electric power industry;
(3) ABRing ® self-healing ring network technology, rapid self-healing protection, providing the guarantee of high reliable communication;
(4) double power supply redundancy design, support a wide range of power input, ensuring the security of the power supply;
(5) reliable fiber optic transmission, complex networking features, to meet a wide range of communication coverage needs.

3, arbor communication AOBO series solution is applied to the industrial Ethernet switches
(1) power automation control system
(2) power plant auxiliary control system
(3) the wind turbine SCADA system
(4) electric power security monitoring system
(5) substation monitoring and control system
(6) distribution network automation system
(7) electric power MIS system and branch network



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