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Designed for Rail Transit--EN50155 series industrial Ethernet switches

Date: 2019-10-16
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In order to further meet and guarantee the needs of rail transit industry network communication, AOBO has launched EN50155 series industrial Ethernet switch specially researched and designed for rail transit industry- layer 2 managed industrial POE switches( AOBO 9016 series ).

AOBO 9016 series are layer 2 Gigabit Ethernet EN50155 industrial Ethernet switch which widely used in harsh environment. This series of switches support up 4 Gigabit uplink ports and Gigabit M12 and 100M M12 interfaces which can be used in scenes with strenuous vibration and shock,meeting the requirements of rail industry standards such as EN50155.

The AOBO 9016 series is optionally supported the IEEE802.3af/at standard and provides POE/POE+ power supply. The maximum POE output power of the whole machine is 70W. The switch adopts industrial grade wide temperature device, and the EMC grade reaches GBT-17626 standard level 4 or above, which can operate stably in harsh and harsh environments and electromagnetic environment for a long time.

The AOBO 9016 supports the ABRing self-healing ring technology. The self-healing time is less than 5ms. It supports the optional ABPss power-off link protection function. It ensures that the link is automatically bypassed when the device is powered off, improving network networking reliability. It supports a variety of network management protocols such as VLAN, QOS, multicast management, and RSTP. It can flexibly implement various networking modes through ring networks and redundant networking, providing users with highly reliable industrial communication networks, especially for vehicle-mounted PIS, urban pipe gallery, industrial control and others systems.

                                                    Designed for Rail Transit--EN50155 series industrial Ethernet switches


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