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AOBO Telecom the auspicious light marks the end of 2016

Date: 2017-01-17
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How time flies, time flies, suddenly busy in 2016 has been in the past, full of looking forward to coming to us in 2017. A New Year, new target and hope, AOBO Telecom the auspicious light 2016 annual dinner event was held on January 13. General manager zhang and all over the country office colleagues and employees together from different divisions of the company. 


A total of major achievements in 2016 are reviewed and the existing problems of work, and efforts for the departments of the company and pay a gave full affirmation and encouragement. In the past year, the company expanded product application domain, members of the company gradually increased, the specialized team is gradually forming, these are inseparable from the company of all members of the hard work and pay. At the same time, puts forward the company in 2017 for the new strategic planning of all departments. Hope that brothers and sisters out of passion and energy, struggle for our future! Also pointed out that in 2017, the company will implement with an emphasis on the cultivation of the talent team and construction, fully arouse the enthusiasm of employees, and strive to make every employee can maximize the advantages of play. Finally, zhang always share with you the concept of "unity", hope everyone whether at work or in your life, "the unity of" real real do.


Convention center also peppered with exciting sweepstakes link, who accompanied the applause and cheers from time to time at the party on the ripples, let the scene into a sea of joy, presents a beautiful celebration event.


AOBO Telecom the auspicious light marks the end of 2016

As the event progresses, the climax of everyone's enthusiasm also constantly lifting activities. Company leaders and staff cordial talks, raise my glass to the New Year celebration! The success of the party held not only passed a New Year greeting, but to AOBO Telecom the auspicious light year results summary and affirmation, but also reduce the distance between the colleague, active company culture, enrich the amateur cultural life of the employees. The entire annual activity atmosphere of joy in a harmonious, warm, came to a close.


Off the fruits of 2016, 2017 ushered in the full of expectation. The New Year opened new hope, new journey bearing new dream. Let us, work hard, braving the inner, create brilliant! Together for AOBO Telecom the auspicious light off tomorrow!

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