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Warmly celebrate AOBO Telecom the auspicious light a housewarming

Date: 2017-01-09
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On January 7, 2016, was ordered the auspicious light day to honor and celebrate through the positive efforts of all staff, hangzhou ordered new today formally move the auspicious light communication co., LTD. Company staff is ready to new look to meet the challenges of the future!


Warmly celebrate AOBO Telecom the auspicious light a housewarming


As companies continue to grow stronger, the site has not adapt to the development of the company, so moved to new office on January 7. New company provides a more spacious modern office environment and advanced office equipment, and provides the staff with more comfortable and pleasant office environment, for the future sustainable development, a growing enterprise strength has laid a solid foundation.


Warmly celebrate AOBO Telecom the auspicious light a housewarming


Hangzhou AOBO Telecom the auspicious light communication co., LTD., founded in 2003, is a high-tech enterprise registered in hangzhou. Company set research and development, production, sales and service as one, dedicated to provide industrial networking and control communications end-to-end solution, the main products for the series of AOBO industrial Ethernet switches, industrial-grade serial wireless Ethernet networking equipment, industrial equipment, industrial products such as IP phone system. Products have been successful in wind power, electrical, automation, highway, rail transportation, oil and gas, environmental protection, water conservancy, municipal engineering and the military, and many other fields has been widely used, and deeply user's trust and praise highly.


Last night, has been back to the north, east today, even more. AOBO Telecom the auspicious light through years of unremitting efforts and insisted that emerge from the same industry, become a leading industrial interconnection solutions provider. AOBO Telecom the auspicious light constantly learning and research and development, combined with market demand, efforts from the perspective of technology, market, promote differentiation based on customer value innovation, to provide customers high quality industrial communication products and professional technical service, to create market opportunities and unique competitive advantage, and then continued healthy development.


Company to long-term development, from the masses of old and new customers and partners for a long time for the company's support, on the occasion of the move is festival, ordered the auspicious light will be on the move to a new starting point, with a more full enthusiasm and sincere service attitude, provide more professional service for the customers and common development.


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