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AOBO Telecom was awarded "2016 best wind turbines equipment supplier"

Date: 2017-01-04
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On December 29, 2016, by the renewable energy industries association, jiangsu province, sponsored by the scenery information cooperation BBS and wind power industry development of China "2016 annual wind cup best wind power enterprise awards ceremony" was held in Beijing warmly. By the enterprise registration, and through the public voting and expert review three links such as the selection process, AOBO Telecom with the excellent product quality and high quality technical service, and a large number of rich grace industry application performance, in the number of eligible enterprises to stand out, and eventually won the "2016 wind turbines equipment supplier of the year".


AOBO Telecom was awarded

AOBO Telecom was awarded

AOBO Telecom ongoing technological innovation and product upgrading, make wind power industry dedicated industrial communication products, including wind power industry dedicated industrial Ethernet switch, industrial serial industrial products, wireless networking products, wind farm wind farm industrial-grade IP telephony products. At the same time, through the friendly cooperation with a number of wind power enterprises and technological exchanges, AOBO also accumulated rich flexible application experience, networking solution of wind farms can provide different size requirements of wind farms with the most reliable, safe and economic wind field communication network, to build the wisdom of highly reliable wind field provide reliable network transmission security, boost the wind power industry in our country towards a path of wisdom.



Part of the wind industry application case:


Guishan offshore wind farm in south power network video surveillance project

Fujian flat gulf offshore wind farm comprehensive monitoring system project

CGNPC some (Siemens) offshore wind farm project

Shanxi FanShi comprehensive monitoring system (huaneng) wind farm project

Shanxi ShenChi comprehensive monitoring system (huaneng) wind farm project

Inner Mongolia reach mau wind farm on the 3rd comprehensive monitoring system project

Da MAO on the 5th of Inner Mongolia wind farm comprehensive monitoring system project

(energy saving) Zhang Bei single crystal river wind farm project

(energy saving) zhang BeiMan well wind farm project

Sun mountain wind farm in ningxia comprehensive monitoring project

Zhejiang ningbo xiangshan wind farm comprehensive monitoring projects


AOBO Telecom was awarded "2016 best wind turbines equipment supplier", not only show the AOBO industrial switches series product reliability and advanced nature, but also the industry of arbor of communication the innovation ability of recognition and encouragement, and further enhance ordered the auspicious light communication within the wind power industry brand visibility and influence. In today's intelligent industrial environment, focus in the field of industrial Internet communications ordered the auspicious light more will continue to innovation, to provide a more reliable, safe and easy to use wind power field of wind power integrated monitoring and control communications system solutions, to promote wind power industry to the direction of the wisdom of efficient innovation, sustainable development.



About AOBO Telecom:


Hangzhou AOBO Telecom Co., LTD. (abbreviated AOBO) was founded in 2003, is a collection of independent research and development, production, sales, industrial communication products as one of the high-tech enterprises, is a leading industrial interconnection solutions provider, the company headquarters is located in hangzhou. Main business involves industrial Ethernet communications, wireless, serial ports, networking equipment, IP telephony, industrial control, communications and other fields. Independent research and development innovation, has introduced, industrial Ethernet switches, industrial-grade serial wireless Ethernet networking equipment, industrial equipment, industrial IP telephone system, etc. Series of products. AOBO industrial communication products series has been widely used in electric power transmission and distribution, substation system, new energy, rail transportation, intelligent transportation, highway, peaceful city, petroleum and petrochemical, application fields such as urban comprehensive utility tunnel, and admired by the user. AOBO Telecom has always been committed to provide reliable, safe and easy to use for users from all walks of life in industrial communication products and the quality of solutions and professional technical services.





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