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Warm Congratulations to AOBO for Being Granted with the National High-tech Enterprise Certificate

Date: 2015-09-18
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Recently, the Circular on the Identification Results of Zhejiang Provincial High-tech Enterprises in 2015 is publicized by Zhejiang Provincial Science and Technology Department and Hangzhou AOBO Telecom Co., Ltd. is included in the list, which means that the company has achieved the high-tech enterprise certification successfully and identified as the national high-tech enterprise for the first time. Currently, it has been put on records in the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China and the certificate has already been issued. (Certificate No.: GR201533000926)

According to the identification conditions of the high-tech enterprises concerning the possession of core proprietary intellectual property rights, continuous R&D capability and input in the Administrative Measures for the Identification of the High-tech Enterprises and Guidance for the Identification Management of the High-tech Enterprises and by incorporating the scientific research achievements and technical patent results in the past 3 years, the Company has applied for being identified as a high-tech enterprise actively.

The fact that the Company is identified as a high-tech enterprise this time reflects that, the business performance and scientific and technological innovation results reaped by the Company in the past years have been recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China and the Company’s capability to develop the high-end technology and realize the self-independent innovation and continuous innovation is highly affirmed; furthermore, it also further stimulates the enterprise’s enthusiasm for the self-independent innovation and provides the powerful support for the Company to cope with the market competition globally.

The Company will also, based on the requirements stipulated in the Administrative Measures, make full use of the good platform and brand benefits in the field of the high-tech enterprises, further increase the inputs on the scientific research, advance the business development of the major scientific research projects, make the scientific research, production and operation results reach a higher level and endeavor to win more benefits for the enterprise.



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