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Assistance in the Comprehensive Monitoring System of Urumchi Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) with AOBO Serie

Date: 2015-10-12
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Keywords: BRT bus rapid transit monitoring system, BRT monitoring system, industrial Ethernet switch, urban traffic monitoring system, urban bus monitoring system and video monitoring system of the bus stop.



Project Overview

For the intelligent scheduling system of No. 4 BRT line in Urumchi, it is necessary to integrate all physical places forming the BRT intelligent scheduling system, including 26 platforms, 1 BRT general scheduling center and 1 monitoring sub-center, into an organic whole via the network.

Phase I project of No. 4 BRT line in Urumchi involves 26 BRT platform points. At each platform point, it is required to access the data of 11 systems, including the “AFC system, video monitoring system, safety door system, industrial control computer, attendance machine, UPS, digital broadcasting system, IP call, infrared alarm system and scheduling system” and switch management channel, into the BRT general scheduling center network in Wang Jialiang to realize the monitoring and management of the whole BRT line network inside the BRT general scheduling center.

AOBO 7028P series of industrial fiber-optic self-healing loop network switches developed by Hangzhou AOBO Telecom Co., Ltd. are used at the platform side in this phase of No. 4 BRT line; AOBO C8000 operating-level core switches are used at the side of the scheduling center. AOBO series of switches developed by Hangzhou AOBO Telecom Co., Ltd. fully satisfy the monitoring network demands of No. 4 BRT line in Urumchi, provide the monitoring business data and video business, consider the high reliability, stability and safety of the network fully during the design process, save the network construction costs and win the praise from the users while satisfying the user demands appropriately.




Program features and advantages


A 、The backbone loop network link adopts the high-speed Gigabit Ethernet bandwidth, guarantees the stable and smooth operation of the monitoring system data and video business at the BRT project site and satisfies the high bandwidth business transmission demands.

B 、The backbone optical fibre link between the platforms adopts the ABRing® full-distributed high self-healing loop network technology developed by Hangzhou AOBO Telecom Co., Ltd. to form the highly reliable backbone self-healing loop redundancy structure, ensures that the failure of single station would not affect the normal communication of other stations and satisfies the high reliability requirements of the link design for No. 4 BRT line.

C 、AOBO 7028P series of switches between the platforms are provided with the inbuilt ABPass outage light path protective module, which is capable of realizing the short circuit of the loop network fiber interface of the equipment automatically to protect the integrity of the optical fibre link under the circumstance of equipment power failure, or of maintaining the ring topology structure when the equipment power failure occurs at a station. It further improves the reliability of the overall network structure based on the traditional fiber-optic self-healing loop.

D 、The first and last node switches of the platform are connected to the core switches of the scheduling center by means of dual-link redundancy, realize the redundancy uplink and improve the uplink reliability.

E 、At the side of the scheduling center, the hot backup and link aggregation technologies are applied between two sets of AOBO C8000 switches and business load sharing and double bandwidth are realized through configuration so as to guarantee the stable and smooth data operation of each business system.

F、 At the side of the scheduling center, divide the network area and control the flow between different areas. The control parameters include the source or destination address, source and destination port and network protocol of the data packet. These parameters allow the control of the network flow, keep the possible safety risks within the relatively independent area and prevent the safety risks from spreading in a large scale.

G 、Take the management safety of the network equipment into full consideration, configure the management access control and improve the network security by permitting the particular host to access and manage it only.

H 、 Isolate the monitoring business data and control the abnormal data by applying the VLAN, Qos, port self-loop detection and broad storm control to improve the reliability and safety of business transmission and ensure that the critical business data will pass through it preferentially.

I 、AOBO 7028P managed self-healing loop switches adopt the industrial fanless design and working temperature of -40℃-85℃ and possess the good EMC, therefore particularly suitable for the use in the BRT adverse outdoor industrial environment.

J 、AOBO C8000 series of products support relevant network protocols, such as OSPF, RIP, BGP, VRRP, MSTP, ACL, VLAN, QoS, IGMP, SNMP and Telnet, and satisfy the demands of the BRT project for the complicated network settings and networking structure.

K 、AOBO series of products support the concentrated and unified management and standard SNMP management and consider the convenience and usability at the stages of the project implementation and subsequent maintenance fully.



AOBO 7028P managed rack-mounted Gigabit Ethernet industrial switches



A 、Support a maximum of 4 Gigabit Ethernet or Fast Ethernet optical ports and 24 Fast Ethernet electrical ports;

B、 Support ABRing self-healing loop network protocol, with the self-healing time < 5ms.

C 、Support relevant functions, including QoS, VLAN, multicasting, port speed limitation, broadcast message control and port self-loop detection.

D 、Support the plug and play, automatic topology and equipment network management;

E 、Industrial design, adaptability to the extreme temperature and good electromagnetic compatibility;

F 、Conform to the automation standards of the IEC61850 substation;

G 、Support the ABPass outage light path protective module and further improve the network reliability.






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