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Successful Application of AOBO Industrial Ethernet Switches in the PIS System

Date: 2012-08-01
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I, Project Overview


The “passenger information system” (PIS system) is a kind of system that enables the users to watch the live television program on the high-speed train and sends the compartment conditions to the metro control center in real time. Under the normal condition, it provides the real-time and dynamic multi-media information, such as the passenger notice, service time, departure and arrival time or schedule of the trains, manager’s announcement, media news and advertisement release; under the abnormal conditions like the fire, congestion and terrorism attack, it also makes available the dynamic emergency evacuation tips.

No. 2 line of the Suzhou Metro starts from the Suzhou Station of the Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway, Xiangcheng District in the north, ends at Yingchun south road station, Wuzhong District and passes through Pingjiang, Jinchang and Canglang District. It has a total length of 26.55km and sets up 22 stations along the whole line. With the PIS system, the operators on duty inside the metro station and control center may observe the passenger compartment and driver’s cab of the running train in real time or the driver may observe the passenger compartment of this train in real time; the control center sends the timely information to the running train and rebroadcasts the digital television program in real time; the emergency status of the running train, such as the fire alarm and emergency door opening or close, is uploaded to the control center and yard dispatching center of the vehicle section in real time.


II, Product Application


AOBO 5008 self-healing loop industrial Ethernet switches developed by AOBO Telecom


III, Solution Explanation and Features


AOBO Telecom industrial Ethernet switches are very suitable for the use in the metro and adverse industrial site, such as the site with high temperature, humidity, dust, strong electromagnetic interference, corrosive gas and strong vibration. The special-purpose industrial network cable that has been tested for the electromagnetic compatibility and vibration is selected as the connecting cable to provide the safe and reliable connection. AOBO industrial Ethernet switches have been applied to the metro projects in Beijing, Nanjing and Suzhou successfully.


1. AOBO 5008 series of self-healing loop industrial switches form the rapid redundant network. The redundant loop network structure not only reduces the concentration of the risks, but also lowers the costs and accesses other network switches flexibly. Keep its redundancy time within 5ms by depending upon the unique full-distributed ABRing protocol.


2. AOBO 5008 series of industrial Ethernet switches are capable of operating stably under the severe electromagnetic environment, because they have passed the most stringent EMC test.


3. AOBO 5008 series of industrial Ethernet switches are capable of operating for a long time under the severe climatic environment and the temperature range of the operating environment is -40℃~+85℃.


4. Hangzhou AOBO Telecom may, based on the customer demands, customize and develop the products and satisfy the special demands of the customers.



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