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On December 29, 2016, by the renewable energy industries association, jiangsu province, sponsored by the scenery information cooperation BBS and wind power industry development of China "2016 annual wind cup best wind power enterprise awards ceremony" was held in Beijing warmly. By the enterprise registration, and through the public voting and expert review three links such as the selection process, AOBO Telecom with the excellent product quality and high quality technical service, and a large number of rich grace industry application performance, in the number of eligible enterprises to stand out, and eventually won the "2016 wind turbines equipment supplier of the year". AOBO Telecom ongoing technological innovation and product upgrading, make wind power industry...
Release time: 2017 - 01 - 04
AOBO series of industrial Ethernet switches pass the low pneumatic test successfully (at the elevation of 5000m)At the beginning of March, 2013, 5 series and 6 series of industrial products and data optical transceiver series developed by Hangzhou AOBO Telecom Co., Ltd. had successfully passed the low pneumatic test carried out by China Electronics Standardization Institute under the high elevation of 5000m and pressure value of 54Kpa and acquired relevant qualified test reports. This further proves that the AOBO series of industrial switches adapt to the adverse environment with the extra low...
Release time: 2013 - 03 - 10
In March 2012, Hangzhou AOBO Telecom Co., Ltd. released the new members that are latest developed by it for 6 series of Gigabit Ethernet loop industrial Ethernet switches, namely “6-G22-M26” and “6-G31-M06”. 6-G22-M26 switches support a maximum of 2 Gigabit Ethernet Combo ports (optional Gigabit Ethernet optical port or electrical port), 2 Fast Ethernet optical ports and 6 Fast Ethernet electrical ports. 6-G31-M06 switches provide 2 Gigabit Ethernet optical ports to form the Gigabit Ethernet loop network, 1 Gigabit Ethernet Combo port for meeting the demands of the uplink interface with relati...
Release time: 2012 - 03 - 01
I, What are the demands of the online monitoring system of the primary equipment on the communication equipment? How does the AOBO industrial Ethernet switch satisfy these demands?   1. Since the online monitoring equipment is placed under the environment with high voltage and strong electromagnetic interference, the internal communication equipment should have the capability of withstanding the strong electromagnetic interference;AOBO series of industrial Ethernet switches have the superior electric circuit and process design, reach the EMC level 4 standards and provide the res...
Release time: 2012 - 10 - 01
I, Metro video monitoring system (CCTV)As a kind of image communication, the closed circuit television (CCTV) system offers the unique functions of the visual and real-time dynamic image monitoring, recording, tracking and control and constitutes an important part of the communication command system. It possesses the unique command and management efficiency and becomes the necessary facility for the urban rail transit to achieve the automatic scheduling and management.To suffice the demands of the metro monitoring system, the AOBO 60-G21-M06 Gigabit Ethernet backbone loop network industrial Et...
Release time: 2009 - 09 - 02
From November 10 to 12, 2008, 2008 new technologies and products exhibition for the China international highway informationization construction is scheduled to be opened grandly in the Tianjin International Exhibition Center (Address: No. 32, Youyi Road, Hexi District, Tianjin).Hangzhou AOBO will take its latest technologies and products to take part in it. Leaders and experts in the industry are warmly welcomed to our exhibition booth for the visitation and suggestions.Our exhibition booth is set at No. A201.
Release time: 2008 - 11 - 13
Keywords: AOBO Telecom AOBO 5023S light self-healing loop industrial Ethernet switch monitoring communication of the wind fieldI, Overview The unit monitoring system of the wind power plant is responsible for providing the real-time monitoring of the operating data, status, action conditions of the protective device and failure alarm of multiple wind turbines inside the wind field and carrying out the remote control, data recording and report and curve generation for the wind generating set. In the monitoring system of the wind turbine generator, the central monitoring system is operated ...
Release time: 2010 - 05 - 21
On April 8 and 9, 2009, the 11th China highway informatization management and technical seminar & products and technologies exhibition is grandly opened in the Nanjing International Exhibition Center. Hangzhou AOBO will take its latest technologies and products to take part in it. Leaders and experts in the industry are warmly welcomed to our exhibition booth for the visitation and suggestions.Our exhibition booth is set at No. A16, A26.
Release time: 2009 - 04 - 11
Recently, the Circular on the Identification Results of Zhejiang Provincial High-tech Enterprises in 2015 is publicized by Zhejiang Provincial Science and Technology Department and Hangzhou AOBO Telecom Co., Ltd. is included in the list, which means that the company has achieved the high-tech enterprise certification successfully and identified as the national high-tech enterprise for the first time. Currently, it has been put on records in the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China and the certificate has already been issued. (Certificate No.: GR201533000926)Acco...
Release time: 2015 - 09 - 18
1, an overview of theAutomation and industrial communication application in electric power industry is becoming more and more widely, in the water and electricity, thermal power, wind power, nuclear power and thermal power industry, power generation, transmission and distribution process, need a full range of data collection and data monitoring, data traffic.The power industry for the real time and reliability of the automation and control communication requirements are very high.Electric power industry equipment working environment is very bad, sometimes need to put in the ark, outdoor electr...
Release time: 2008 - 11 - 16
1, an overview of theTransportation industry a large number of application monitoring and automation system, subway CCTV, electromechanical integrated monitoring, railway integrated monitoring, highway traffic monitoring bridge, tunnel monitoring, monitoring, urban intelligent traffic, traffic signal system and traffic ticket and other fields, industrial Ethernet has been widely used.Arbor communications is committed to research, the industrial Ethernet technology in the production of highly reliable industrial Ethernet switches, meet the traffic demand of communication industry monitoring and...
Release time: 2008 - 07 - 17
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