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Electronic Police System Solution

Date: 2018-07-25
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Automatic detecting and recording system for violation of traffic signal, it also be called electronic policeit is a system which is installed in signal-controlled crossing and road segment, in addition, in the specific lane the motor vehicle which run the red light will be automatically detected and recorded without interruption.  

Now under the electronic police system of HD video mode, in order to alleviate the contradictions what is caused by violation behavior, such as frequent traffic accidents, police less, high labor intensity of police officers, and to effectively curb traffic accidents caused by man-made violation, for example, over speed, retrograde, running the red light, No parking, press the yellow line, grab the bus line, etc. It can adopt electronic police system for accurate, stable, automatic and whole day monitoring, law enforcement and punishment. AOBO provide the complete solution for the network transmission equipment of electronic system, thereby it can efficiently improve the utilization rate of road, reduce the traffic accident rate and promote “Technology management, technology strong police”. The following is a typical application of AOBO industrial Ethernet switch in electronic police system, which optimizes the network solution of intelligent traffic. 

二、Project Requirements

Electronic police system relies on the underlying Ethernet transmission channel to   transmit the photos, videos and others data what are collected from the field to traffic police command center platform. As we know, the environment of electronic police and bayonet is bad, equipment have to bear the sun-scorched, rain-drenched and interruption of strong electromagnetic field. So it is especially important to build a stable Ethernet channel.

If you adopt commercial switch and low-end fiber converter, it seems that you reduce the cost. But thought we cooperate with project contractor, we found that due to the unstable operation of commercial switch in the harsh outdoor environment and the failure caused by dust accumulation, humidity, temperature and lightning strike may occur at any time. Therefore, a large amount of maintenance work is brought and the maintenance fee is high, the more importance thing is that it is difficult to ensure the network works without interruption.  

Besides, there are more various uncertainly element in the field application, mainly reflect in:

1Insufficient transmission bandwidth.

2the equipment is not stable. 

3EMC performance is weak.

4Equipment integration is not high and much node.

5The performance of withstanding harsh environment is poor.

6Network redundancy performance is not good.

Therefore, the following problems urgently need to be solved:

Ø How to deal with the strong electromagnetic interference on site? 

Ø How to make the transmission of HD video more smoothly?

Ø How to reduce the switching node on site and decrease failure rate?

Ø How to save network maintenance cost?

Ø How to select the industrial Ethernet switch according to the situations in the field? 


三、AOBO Scheme

 Electronic Police System Solution

(一)Scheme Introduction

This scheme is designed on the pure video detection mode; the front-end system is composed by embedded HD camera and LED strobe lamp. The scheme is suitable for intersection (multi-lane) with large diameter, the network topology is the star network structure of the optical fiber trunk. 1pcs AOBO G3009 (1xgigabit fiber port+ 8x 10/100M electric port) and 3pcs AOBO 3003 (1x 10/100M fiber port+ 2x 10/100M electric port) will be put on the crossing  near monitoring center. The fiber optical transceiver, AOBO 3003 or AOBO 3005 (depending on the number of cameras connected), will be put in the rest crossings. The 10/100Base-T(x) of 3pcs AOBO 3003 near the monitoring center are respectively connected to the 10/100Base-T(x) of the rest AOBO 3003, at this intersection 3-port 10/100Base-T(x) of AOBO G3009 are respectively connected to the 10/100Base-T(x) of AOBO 3003 and the camera will be connected to AOBO G3009 directly, then the photos and videos will be transmitted to AOBO G7024 by the gigabit SFP port of AOBO G3009 and finally to the monitoring center. On the other three intersections, the HD cameras will be connected to the 10/100M electrical port of AOBO 3003 fiber optical transceiver.  

(二)Scheme Diagram

 Electronic Police System Solution

(三)Scheme Feature

1. Megabyte access, gigabit uplink. Under the premise of cost control, it can make the transmission of video fluency and hold multiple sets of camera and realize multilane detection.  

2. On the main network road, the data is transferred by optical fiber cable; it can avoid the strong electromagnetic interference from electronic police and solve the problem that the video stream transmission is not fluency due to strong electromagnetic interference.     

3. Adopt AOBO’s 3 series industrial Ethernet switch, the features of this kind product are reliable, stably and real-time. Aluminium alloy shell, no fan design, low consumption, it is suitable for harsh outdoor environment with strong electromagnetic interference, high temperature difference and high dust humidity. It can keep the long-term stable operation of the electronic police system. 

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