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Application of AOBO Goods in Process in the Electric power industry

Date: 2015-12-24
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The automation and industrial communication is increasingly applied to the Electric power industry. During the power generation, transmission, transformation and distribution of the Electric power industry like the hydropower, thermal power, wind power, nuclear power and thermoelectricity, it is essential to implement the all-around data acquisition and monitoring, therefore giving rise to the heavy data flow. The Electric power industry has the high requirements on the reliability and timeliness of the automation and control communication. The working environment of the Electric power industry equipment is quite adverse. Sometimes, it is placed at the outdoor equipment cabinet and impacted by the serious electromagnetic interference. Therefore, the real-time and reliable industrial Ethernet capable of enduring the adverse environment becomes a preferred solution for the industrial networking and control communication of the Electric power industry.

  Application of AOBO Goods in Process in the  Electric power industry


1. Features of the AOBO solution

(1) Resist the strong electromagnetic interference and surge and operate in a fanless and stable manner under the environment temperature of -40℃~85℃, therefore being suitable for the application under the adverse Electric power industry environment.

(2) ABRing® self-healing loop network technology, which allows the rapid self-healing protection and provides the highly reliable communication guarantee

(3) Possess the ABPass® outage light path protective function and keep consistent with the electricity networking application with the high reliability demands.

(4) AOBO series of the industrial Ethernet switches support the non-blocking switching, provide the most stable transmission performance at the line speed and meet the requirements about the high flow and timeliness

(5) Dual power supply redundancy design supports the wider power input range and ensures the power supply safety

(6) Reliable optical fiber transmission and complicated networking features for meeting the large-scaled communication coverage demands


2. AOBO series of industrial Ethernet switch solution developed by AOBO Telecom is applied to the following systems:

√ Automatic control system for the power generation

√ Sub-control system of the power plant

√ SCADA system of the wind generating set

√ Safety protection and monitoring system for the Electric power industry

√ Comprehensive automation system of the substation

√ Power distribution automation system

√ MIS system of the electricity company and branch networking



3. Monitoring communication network solution of the wind power plant

Application of AOBO Goods in Process in the  Electric power industry 



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