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Application of AOBO Products in the Mine Industry

Date: 2015-12-24
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The comprehensive automation control system of the mine chiefly consists of the information management system, monitoring system for the mine environmental safety, automatic control system and video monitoring system of the production equipment. It can realize the monitoring and control of the production environment and equipment of the whole mine at the central scheduling and control room on the ground and play a vital role in improving the mine productivity and work safety. Given the specificity of the mine automation control and operating environment of the environment monitoring system and extremely high requirements on the explosion suppression, safety, dust and moisture prevention of the communication equipment, the communication system is required to have the high reliability and strong capability to withstand the severe environment. AOBO intrinsic safety type and explosion-proof industrial Ethernet switches developed by AOBO Telecom are used to structure the secure, reliable and high-speed comprehensive information transmission platform in the coal mine featured by the adverse environment, scattered personnel and environment and special installation requirements and connect the comprehensive automation system of the mine to the overall Internet structure of the coal mine enterprise in a seamless manner.

Application of AOBO Products in the Mine Industry


Features of the AOBO solution:

(1) Chip and element meet the intrinsic safety standard requirements: small running current and low power consumption

(2) Use the soft start, with the starting current less than the normal working current.

(3) Pass the highest level of the EMC standard test and have the capability to operate for a long time under the adverse environment

(4) AOBO series of industrial Ethernet switches provide the reliable optical transmission interface and satisfy the long-distance communication demands of the coal mine

(5) Use ABRing® self-healing loop network technology, which allows the rapid self-healing protection and provides the highly reliable communication guarantee

(6) Resist the strong electromagnetic interference and surge and operate in a fanless and stable manner under the environment temperature of -40℃~85℃, therefore being suitable for the application under the adverse environment

(7) Dual power supply redundancy design supports the wider power input range and ensures the power supply safety

(8) Adopt the solid shell design, guarantee the explosive-proof safety, dust and moisture prevention and support the DIN rail and wall mounting

(9) Support the automatic alarm output, remote monitoring and maintenance



AOBO series of industrial Ethernet switch solution developed by AOBO Telecom is applied to the following systems:


√ Comprehensive automation system of the mine


√ Automatic control system of the mine production equipment


√ Mine environment monitoring system


√ Video monitoring system of the coal mine


√ Gas monitoring system of the coal mine


√ Communication networking of the production management system for the mine



AOBO comprehensive automation system solution developed by the AOBO Telecom for the coal mine:

Application of AOBO Products in the Mine Industry



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