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说明: The monitoring and automation system is widely applied to the traffic industry. Meanwhile, the industrial Ethernet is also widely used in the relevant fields like the metro CCTV, comprehensive electromechanical monitoring of the metro, integrated monitoring of the railway, road traffic monitoring, tunnel monitoring, bridge monitoring, urban intelligent transportation, traffic signal system, tickets selling and checking. AOBO Telecom is committed to studying and researching the industrial Ethernet technology, producing the highly reliable industrial Ethernet switch and satisfying the communication demands of the traffic industry monitoring and automation system.  Features of the AOBO solution(1) AOBO series of industrial Ethernet switches provide the reliable optical transmissi...
说明: 一、Background Automatic detecting and recording system for violation of traffic signal, it also be called electronic police:it is a system which is installed in signal-controlled crossing and road segment, in addition, in the specific lane the motor vehicle which run the red light will be automatically detected and recorded without interruption.  Now under the electronic police system of HD video mode, in order to alleviate the contradictions what is caused by violation behavior, such as frequent traffic accidents, police less, high labor intensity of police officers, and to effectively curb traffic accidents caused by man-made violation, for example, over speed, retrograde, running the red light, No parking, press the yellow line, grab the bus line, etc. It can adopt el...
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