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Case Power Industry
说明: With the continuous development of the information technology and automation process, the production automation system is increasingly applied to the industrial production of Oil&Gas and provides the reliable guarantee for developing the industries of the petrochemical engineering and natural gas efficiently, reducing the consumption, assuring the work safety, decreasing the labor intensity of the employees and improving the working efficiency and management level. In the production automation system of the Oil&Gas industries, the unattended remote control of the well station and pipeline transportation equipment makes it necessary for the communication equipment to have the capability to withstand the adverse climatic environment; given the large quantities of monitoring well stat...
说明: Since the industrial automation system evolves towards the distributed and intelligent real-time control and information technology develops quickly, it is important for the enterprise to realize the comprehensive and seamless information integration from the field control layer to the management layer. The industrial Ethernet technology is widely promoted and applied and becomes the development direction of the industrial control communication in the future by offering a open foundation infrastructure and meeting the urgent demands of the Factory automation field for the unified communication protocol and network.The Factory automation network is required to be highly reliable under the industrial environment and the industrial Ethernet should have the strong redundancy functions; the Fac...
说明: 一、Background Automatic detecting and recording system for violation of traffic signal, it also be called electronic police:it is a system which is installed in signal-controlled crossing and road segment, in addition, in the specific lane the motor vehicle which run the red light will be automatically detected and recorded without interruption.  Now under the electronic police system of HD video mode, in order to alleviate the contradictions what is caused by violation behavior, such as frequent traffic accidents, police less, high labor intensity of police officers, and to effectively curb traffic accidents caused by man-made violation, for example, over speed, retrograde, running the red light, No parking, press the yellow line, grab the bus line, etc. It can adopt el...
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