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Founded in 2003, Hangzhou AOBO Communication Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise registered in Hangzhou. The Company integrates the R&D, production, sales and service into a whole and is committed to providing the end-to-end solutions required for the industrial networking and control communication. Its main products are the AOBO series of industrial Ethernet and data communication equipment.

The Company focuses upon the technical R&D and innovation and the core R&D team is in possession of experiences in the industrial optical communication product R&D for over 10 years. Furthermore, the Company has attained the several innovative technological results in the field of industrial Ethernet products. AOBO series of industrial Ethernet switches are capable of operating stably for a long time under the extreme high or low temperature, or the environment with the industrial EMC, vibration or plateau and providing the highly reliable communication guarantee for the industrial Internet and control communication. AOBO series of products adopt the unique ABRing® full-distributed ring redundancy technology, with the self-healing time of the high-speed loop network less than 5ms; AOBO series of products have the function of ABPass® outage link protection function to provide the more reliable self-healing protection; to adapt to the demands of the industrial site, support the plug and play and assure the simple and convenient installation and maintenance.

Offices are established by the Company in Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an, Chengdu and Guangzhou to take charge of the regional technical support, service and product sales, provide the perfect pre-sales, sales or after-sales service according to the user demands, help the users resolve the problems associated with the industrial Ethernet program design, engineering and maintenance, seek the optimal solution and give full play to the optimal product utility. Hangzhou AOBO Telecom Co., Ltd. attaches great importance to the product and service quality and provides the customers with the products that have the high quality and operate reliably. To assure the product quality of the Company, it is required to organize the R&D and production process by keeping in line with the ISO 9001 standards, manage and control the procurement of raw materials, products manufacturing, testing and inspection strictly and ensure the quality of products leaving the factory.

The products have been widely applied to the multiple fields, including the wind power generation, electricity automation, expressway, rail traffic, oil gas, environmental protection, hydraulic engineering, municipal engineering and troop, and highly trusted and praised by the users.



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